A Heart for Drums

Quality Drums made in Germany

"I might never become a famous musician, since I spend more time building drums than actually playing them. But the love for drums is captured in every instrument we build, and even though the Adoro Team is growing, there is no instrument leaving the workshop that has not been manually sanded and adjusted by me.

Building a drum set is no secret alchemy, we profit from the knowledge other drum builders have passed on to us, as we pass it on too. Adoro Custom Drums is one of many new rising custom drum brands that are growing out of this community, in a country where the profession of drumbuilding once was founded. So certainly in the future there will be many more instruments coming across your path that carry on with the legacy of good craftmanship, labeled “made in Germany“.

Adoro Custom Drums is a dream come true that I never dared for; a gift I was given, and I gladly aknowledge this. We at Adoro want to honor God with our work, and pass the blessing on to you, no matter if you are playing worship or rock‘ n roll."

Stefan K., CEO



Our Philosophy

Itʻs in the Detail.

I admit, we love small bass drums, mainly for sound reasons. So our bass drums sized 20“ and smaller come with our very own bass drum riser. This is the most simple riser on the market, and it enables you to adjust the foot machine in height and distance, a small cut-off at the hoop allows a perfect positioning. - By now we don‘t know any other product that can do that trick.

For our drums we also developed our own drum heads, especially the heritage heads with significant less attack and more body in sound than regular heads. Those can also be purchased separately, of course.

Many choices: Snare drum shells are also available in 4, 5, 6, 9 and 12mm beech wood. Reinforcement rings are optional; they support the strength of thin shells, and give projection to the sound.

We use bearing edges with 45° from in- side, the batter side a bit rounder than the bottom, and thicker shells rounder than thin shells. Thus the energy put into the drum head can be absorbed by the shell at an optimum. While this works perfect for 99% of the jobs, we of course also offer any other custom bearing edge.