Adoro Drum Heads

Drum heads for the masses …

Good quality drums can only sound as good as their heads. That is why Adoro also produces its own heads for its instruments, which we are now finally offering as an independent product. Thanks to proven materials and excellent workmanship, all Adoro heads are of the best quality and very stable.

A quick overview: The Heritage heads are single-ply heads which, thanks to their coating, have far less attack and so have a nice, warm, tonal sound. Perfect for all bright sounding rooms where the drums naturally sound too shrill!
If it should sound a little more open, the single-ply (single ply) SP Classic the right choice. They are far richer in overtones, also react a little more sensitively, and in the coated version they can also be played perfectly with brooms.

Finally, for the rock and heavy faction, we have the double-layered one DP Classicwhich, by the way, also cuts a fine figure in combination with the single layer (Toms with SP Classic, Floor Tom DP Classic, for more punch!). Thanks to the two layers, the head creates a lot of pressure, swallows a lot of overtones, which often makes masking superfluous, and is therefore a skin that sound engineers like for live gigs. And if the drummer does run out of adrenaline, don't worry, he won't get these heads down anytime soon!

Adoro Heritage®

A special coating takes the single-layer Mylar fur away from the attack; for a full, warm sound; Standard skin on the Worship series.  


Adoro SP Classic®

Single layer mylar fur (0.250mm). The SP Classic® have a very open, transparent sound (with a coating a little less overtones). Suitable as batter as well as resonance head.

The SP Classic (Coated) are the standard head on most Adoro snare drums, with the exception of the Worship series.  


 Adoro DP Classic®

Double-layer mylar fur. The DP Classic® is an extremely stable, long-lasting head with a lot of punch, well-defined basic tone, few overtones. 

The DP Classic (Clear) are the standard head on the toms of the City Lights series.


Adoro Heritage® BD

BD front skin, optionally with Adoro logo. Single-layer mylar fur, coated, with damping ring (muffler)

Adoro SP Classic® Black BD

BD front skin, optionally with Adoro logo. Single-ply mylar fur, black, 
with Damping ring (muffler), logo optional  


Adoro SP Classic®Coated BD

Single-ply Mylar fur, white
coated, with damping ring (muffler)

Adoro SP Classic® Clear BD

Single-ply Mylar fur, transparent,
with damping ring (Muffler)  

Adoro Resonance®

Single-layer transparent Mylar resonance head (0.075mm). Standard resonance head on all Adoro snare drums. Also suitable as a Tom Reso.