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Willkommen bei Adoro! Our instruments are not just drum sets; they are work places. Have a seat behind one of these marvellous Adoro drum sets and feel home!

Sound wise, a good drum set can fit into nearly any musical genre. And if it does not deliver the desired sound, your sound guy can fix it. Right? We do not believe in building semi-acoustic drums. So in each series, we give you optimum sound, with the features you expect from a professional drum set. And a bit more. We just know you will love them!

Drum Sets overview

The search for the perfect drum set - which kit will suit me best?

-Well, indeed, most drums are being designed with more the outward appearance in mind than the sound. Even though smaller drums deliver the sought after huge sound, on most big stages the drums are way larger than what‘s being used in studio to record.

At Adoro, we strive for setting our drums on the smallest stages, not the biggest. Because it‘s the small stage where the actual sound of your drums matter. Do our instruments work on big stages? Heck yes! But we all know that drums on large stages get manipulated sound wise, and it already starts with the proximity effect when miking. For a good acoustic sound, especially when played with less force than at a big open-air gig, you will want a drum set that gives you a quick response, full and warm tone and a huge tuning range, combined with a well balanced sound, as featured with the worship series. If you play louder, and need more headroom, you might rather want some drums that can give you that. The sound profile helps you find the right drum set for your purpose.

Worship Series

City Lights

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen Sound profile

Symphonie Series