Adoro Worship Series


Did you ever ask yourself if there are "real" drums that work in such sensible, drum hostile situations as in theaters, clubs or churches? Well, certainly, there are...

Perfect volume control

Adoro“ is Spanish for “I adore“. The Worship Series is actually meant for adoration: drums for worship bands, and events with small audiences where the drums are not fully amplified, and a good, low volume stage sound is needed. The idea behind the Worship Series was to build a drum line that can be played at a really low volume, thus sounding full and well ballanced. At worship gigs (as well as at club gigs or any other small event), often the drums are the loudest instrument and quite often won‘t be picked up directly with microphones. 

The biggest task for the drummer is to play as low volume as possible, which can result in bad drumming, but surely in a bad drum sound:

Usually drums are build for large stages, where you can play as loud as you want to, and not with small clubs and worship settings in mind.

From a well balanced low-volume drum set also the resulting stage-sound benefits. It becomes more easy to hear each other and to listen to each other, so especially in situations where not the drummer but the worshipleader is leading, and the music is improvised alot, you really benefit from a transparent, warm sound that lets everything be heard. Even when played loud, the Adoro Worship Series is still recognizeable lower in volume, and so fitting much better into the overall sound concept: a drum set with the acoustic sound of a well balanced amplified kit.

Maple version

Our worship series comes in two different versions: an all maple set, and an all walnut set. The sound difference is suble but noticable, mainly with the kick and snare. Our maple series has a bit more punch and brighter overall sound, and it is slightly louder.


Walnut version

The walnut version of our worship series is even more subtle, has some more low end and less attack, and is our choice for the most difficult acoustic situations as in cathedrals and orchestra halls. The warm sound is also a pretty good fit for all singer/songwriter settings.


Finish options:
maple silk
walnut silk
champagne sparkle
custom finish